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Water Management

Twin Oaks Landscaping encourages the use of permeable pavers, green roofs, bioswales and rain gardens to minimize stormwater runoff. We are accustomed to using drip irrigation systems to reduce water consumption.

Plant and
Material Selection

We purchase locally grown plants to reduce shipping and fuel consumption. We try to utilize plants that are native and thrive without excessive additional fertilization and herbicides. We strive to incorporate materials with high recycled content to further help the environment.


We test soils for our planting beds and wil make recommendations as needed. Healthy soils will result in better plants that require less pesticides and herbicides.


Twin Oaks Landscaping works on many LEED projects and is ready to help develop programs to fill the project's LEED requirements.

Creating a Positive Impact

Green Roofs

Creating A Positive Impact

Twin Oaks Landscping understands that it has a responsibility to the environment. From water conservation to plant selection we feel like we can make a difference. Through landscaping we can create a positive impact on climate control.

Green Roofs

Green roofs are a huge help in sustainability. They reduce storm water runoff by absorbing most of the rains that occur. Green roofs reduce city "heat island" effects and cool our cities. They reduce noise and improve air quality as well.