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Designer Landscaping


The Initial Consultation

Twin Oaks Landscaping will schedule an on-site meeting so we can discuss problem areas such as poor drainage, aggressive slope, shade, budget, and materials. We provide pictures of previous landscape work. Plan measurements are taken of the specific project area, any existing features and problem areas. Sun and shade locations are taken into account.

Landscape Drawing

Our designers will then generate a drawing according to the project goals. The design will feature all plant material, hardscapes, and features (ponds, lighting, etc.) discussed in the initial consultation. Larger designs will be rendered in color and scaled. All measurements and pricing for materials are taken directly from the design and laid out piece by piece.

Design Consultation

Another meeting is scheduled to go over the landscape design and project goals. A copy of the scaled design is reviewed with you as well as copies of the proposal and plant list pictures. The design is presented; all features are explained and discussed with you. The proposal is also presented and discussed in depth with you. Any further questions or changes are discussed and made.

Project Completion

Once the design has been accepted, we begin scheduling and installing. We have our own crews of expert installers that have the utmost respect for your home. The designer is available at all times during the installation process to discuss the project goals and make sure the design is carried out. Once installation is complete we do a final walk through and answer any questions you may have about your new landscaping.

Design Process Benefits

Our Approach To Design

Our Design Process

Experience the Benefits

Your home is at the center of the well being of your family. Today you are creating the memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Do you look at your landscape and dream of comfortable outdoor spaces that everyone will enjoy using? Do you dream of arriving home and seeing a beautiful landscape planting? Lots of people want to have an outdoor space that welcomes family and friends and one that places your home on the list of destinations people look forward to visiting. At Twin Oaks Landscaping, we know that these spaces can change your lifestyle completely. But there are many people who need help in imagining and creating these exciting landscaping spaces.

Enhance your Enjoyment

Twin Oaks Landscaping fresh approach to landscape installations will enhance your enjoyment of both your home and your property. After determining your needs and desires, we can design a beautiful, high-quality landscape perfectly suited to your unique lifestyle. From concept to design to installation, our landscape designers are ready to expand your living space into the great outdoors. We are confident that our experieced and well trained associates can provide the attention to detail that you seek.

Improve your Current Landscape

Our design begins with a consultation. Our Designers will ask a series of questions to develop a thorough understanding of your needs. The resulting plan can be as simple as a new walkway or garden for your home or a landscape master plan for your entire property. We can improve your current landscape or create a completely new environment.

If you have dreams for a spectacular home that feels out of reach – we can help. We can develop the landscape master plan and create a long term phasing of the project and budget. Using a master plan allows you to reach your dream one step at a time. A landscape design project with no ultimate vision can often result in disappointment. A plan designed and implemented by our staff of professionals will result in a finished product that creates a new lifestyle for your family.