Native Seeding
Natural Seeding
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Native Seeding

Native Seeding and Planting

No Longer just a trend but a successful method to gain species diversity, control water run-off & provide ascetically pleasing 4 season interest, sustainable options for our built landscapes.

Sustainable Pplanting Solutions

Using natives are proven to be a durable, long lasting landscape which once established requires less maintenance. Utilizing native plants is a natural solution for sustainable planting. They provide 4 season interest and when a proper mix is seeded the plants will thrive in our area with little care, eliminating the need for frequent mowing, fertilizing and especially watering.

Species Diversity

Planting natives allow for a wider variety of plant species in an area. Natives generally perform well in our area and they in turn provide food and shelter for many beneficial insects, including butterflies and bees. These natural areas can create an unexpected habitat for local and migrating birds.

I nstallation

As with all other landscape installation Twin Oaks has trained staff and proper seeding equipment ensuring your project will be completed in a timely manner. We employ correct methods for success! Twin Oaks has installed many Bio-swales and native seeding in commercial sites and we find the trick to a successful installation is soil preparation and seed coverage. Of course using locally produced healthy native plants or seed is also key.

Controlling Water Run-Off

Bio-swales and Rain Gardens comprised of native plants can be an effective method to control water run-off into the streets and sewers. They can decrease the need for retention or detention ponds in commercial landscapes. And residentially more & more municipalities are requiring homes to retain their water on their lot; Rain Gardens can be part of the solution.

Rain Gardens can be placed in a low area in your yard or as a tie in to downspouts. Twin Oaks can choose the proper plants for beauty and functionality for these areas and you can feel great that you’re going green!