Snow Removal
Snow Removal

Snow & Ice

Per Occurance Contracts

Pre-established pricing that is based on estimated time and resources it will take to clear the site based on the severity of snowfall. With this type of contract you are billed according to the quoted prices after each snow event. You will be billed as many, or as few, times as we service the site.

Seasonal Contracts

Often preferred for budgeting purposes, this pre-established pricing is based on anticipated time and resources it should reasonably take to service the site of your specifications over a typical Chicago area winter season. These costs are estimated and combined into a lump sum that is billed in monthly installments regardless of how many, or how few, times we service the site.

Time and Material Contracts

Billed directly from ACTUAL times and resources used to clear your site following each service. While difficult to budget, this typically offers the most economical option in the long run because you are billed for what actually happened, rather than what was anticipated to happen.

Salting and Ice Melt Options

Twin Oaks Landscaping understands that slips and falls during the winter season is very common and a huge liability concern. In the Chicago area rock salt is used in parking lots and roadways, and Ice Melt Products (Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, etc.) are used on concrete walkways in conjunction with snow plowing to reduce the potential for slick conditions.

Salt and Ice Management

Other Services

Salt and Ice Management Options

By Request Applications

No ice melt materials will be used unless you specifically request or approve us to do so. All approved applications will be billed according to your selected pricing option.

Routine Applications

Ice melt applications will be performed automatically following each plowing of the site and billed according to your selected pricing option.

“Zero Inch” Service

We will respond to the site following any wither weather event that results in precipitation to apply ice melt products on a time and materials basis.

Fixed Cost Pricing

Pre-established pricing based on a typical application for the site. Easier to budget, but only the amount of material estimated will be applied despite any special circumstances that may be present on the site.

Time & Materials Pricing

This option allows us to use our professional judgment to apply as little or as much material as the actual site and storm conditions dictate. You will be billed from ACTUAL times and resources used following each service, rather than blind application of a set quantity.

Custom Variations

Choose the application, service and pricing options that best fit the requirements of your site, and differentiate between walkways, parking areas and roadways as needed. For example: you may choose to have routine applications of rock salt made to roadways using fixed pricing, but leave sidewalk applications as a by request application using time and materials pricing.

Other Services

Your base agreement can be upgraded to include any of these services, or can be selected on an as needed basis.

Site Staking

Marking of curbing, driveways, walkways, hydrants and utility vaults as appropriate to limit the potential for damage to snow covered items.

Private & Public Walkways

Hand labor is available to shovel or snow blow as appropriate to clear walkways, stoops and entrances to your site.

Follow Up Plowing

Return trips to plow in areas that were occupied or otherwise inaccessible during the time of the initial service.

Fire Exits & Loading Docks

Hand labor is available to shovel or snow blow as appropriate to clear these areas of snow and/or ice.

Snow Relocation

Moving of piled snow that has accumulated from plowing operations, Usually done following a major storm or successive storms without a significant melt off to ensure the site will be ready for further snow operations.

Blowing & Drifting Snow

Return trips to plow or salt as needed to address snow drifts caused by high winds and dry conditions.

Ice Check Service

Return trips to check site for areas of resulting from the natural thawing and refreezing process that can occur from sunny daytime temperatures followed by a temperature drop back below freezing.

Vacant Site Services

Limited service to unoccupied property to provide a clear fine lane and emergency access to the building or open a building for a showing or new tenant.

Winter Trash-Debris Clean Up

Policing of site for unsightly trash and debris that has accumulated. This is often covered in snow, and can leave a big mess following a significant mid-winter thaw.

Winter-Dormant Pruning

Very beneficial specialized pruning of shrubs that can only be performed over winter when the plants are dormant. It is effective for thinning out or reducing the sixe of plants, and rejuvenating shrubs that struggled during the growing season.

Winter Touch Ups

General off-season clean up of property to for a special event, or just to keep it tidy. Can include removal of fallen limbs, raking mulch back into beds, cleaning up late leaf fall, etc…